About FC

April 9th, 2011

About FC

The raid

Flavour Country is a Horde raid on the Cho’gall server. We are a progression raiding guild that works hard to maintain the balance between raiding, fun, and real-life. We take a quality over quantity approach to the time we spend raiding.  During The Burning Crusade, Flavour Country (Dark Iron – Alliance) was frequently the first 3-4 day raid guild to defeat new content including top world 100 kills on Magtheridon(39), Lady Vashj(35), Kael’Thas(69), Illidan(80), and M’uru(86), while maintaining a raid schedule of 12-15 hours per week.

Currently Flavour Country runs the following raid schedule (all times are CST):

Monday – Thursday, 8pm – 12pm

A bit more about us

Most Flavour Country members are in their mid-20’s to early 30’s. The majority of our members are in the latter stages of undergraduate college, pursuing graduate work, or working professionally. A broad range of fields are represented, from engineering to the arts. We look for opportunities to make use of our members’ non-WoW areas of expertise to enrich the guild. This might include editing videos, writing a blog about some area of the game, or simply creating silly guild theme songs.

The atmosphere in guild tends to be humorous but mature. While we often give each other a hard time, racism, sexual harassment, and mean-spirited personal attacks are not acceptable. Flavour Country tends to discourage bragging and pompous behavior, choosing instead to let our progression and reputation speak for us.

Many of us have socialized together beyond vent and our computer desks. The past two summers Flavour Country members have participated in “Flavourpalooza,” gathering together for a weekend of Rock Band, beers, ping-pong, and massive quantities of delicious bbq (don’t worry, we’ve got vegetarians too).

We look for three particular qualities in new recruits


Performing your assigned job(s) while monitoring threat, health bars, environmental obstacles, and mob ability timers is not possible without a certain amount of skill. Players should be able to perform the actions needed from their class/spec and possess the ability learn and adapt to new roles and new raid encounters. Adapting and improvising to keep mistakes or surprises during encounters from becoming failures is extremely valuable.


Though a baseline of skill is a prerequisite for successful endgame raiding, dedication is what separates the good from the best. Raiders should constantly strive to improve their play by tracking or participating in the latest theorycrafting pertaining to their class, including specs, consumables, gems, enchants, and rotations. There are many resources available to individuals interested in playing at the highest level and our members are expected to utilize those resources with constant personal improvement as the goal. Raiders are expected to enter a fight aware of boss abilities and their class role for that fight, as we waste little time with overwrought explanations. A short raid schedule calls for a high level of attendance from all raiders, and absences should be relayed to officers in advance barring emergency circumstances.


In addition to personal dedication, raiders are expected to be dedicated to the guild as a whole and to put the guild before themselves. Infighting over loot, letting an issue with a fellow raider affect the raid performance of you or others, portraying the guild negatively in chat channels or on the realm forums all will NOT be tolerated. Not everyone in the guild will want to go grab a burger together, but historically we’ve been closer to a group of friends than a group of people just playing the same game. We are often on vent chatting, playing other games, playing alts, pvp’ing, etc, during non-raid times and encourage new members to do the same. We firmly believe that having a strong community helps increase member longevity and raiding success.

As a raider, you can expect from the guild

Leadership that will work hard to improve the quality of the raid through theorycrafting, addressing weak points, and recruiting. Timely, efficient, and transparent administration of guild and raid affairs. Fellow raiders who desire in-game success as well as a strong guild community. The opportunity to provide comments, concerns, and suggestions about how the guild or the raid can improve (raid composition, recruit advice, encounter strategies, etc.). Accomplishments and fellow raiders that will make you proud to wear the <Flavour Country> tag.

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