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First Week of 25’s complete; progression and recruiting.

January 11th, 2011

Nothing fancy today, just some info on our current progression since Wowprogress has no idea how to handle a guild that has run more than one raid size.

Current Progression

25 Person Raiding
10 of 12 – Al’akir and Nefarian remaining

With the holidays finally over, FC completed our first week of 25 man raiding and ended up with ten bosses down. Overall a satisfying week considering some of our raiders were stepping into the instances for the first time.

We have previously killed all normal mode bosses as well as Heroic Halfus Wyrmbreaker at the ten man size, although we are henceforth running a full-time 25 man schedule.

Our roster is swirling around a bit as we trial folks and move some other people around. As such, we have room for a few excellent players to join us as we start working through heroic modes. In addition to the specific needs below, we are always interested in looking at applications from exceptional players of any class or role.

* Tank/DPS – Approximately 50/50 split between tanking and dps’ing. Must be skilled in both areas and comfortable fulfilling “3rd tank” duties. DK preferred but we are open to apps from any tank.
* Resto Shaman
* Resto Druid
* 1 additional non-priest healer
* 1-2 Warlock
* 1-2 Hunter
* 3-4 Ranged DPS of any class

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